Nascent Trainers are Preparing Africa’s Vulnerable Communities to Combat Covid-19 With Social Distancing and Sanitation training. Trainees also receive soap, face-masks and other cleaning supplies.

Urgent Need : Seeking Bascic French Language Literacy And Supplementary Reading text and children’s books, For Rural Schools in Northern Cameroon.


Slide Beneficiaries 10 million Slide Built 92 Handwashing 
Slide School Meals Served 60 Million Slide Food Supported 250,000 Refugees Slide Malaria Buffered 400K Households  Slide Trained in Small Business 8000 women Slide Drilled For Clean Water 39 Boreholes Slide Established 92 School Gardens


A self-reliant & poverty-free Africa 




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Program Model

Recap:USDA’s Literacy and Child Nutrition Program Implemented in North West Cameroon by Nascent.

Picture History

A boy in Mesaje, in North West Cameroon drinks from an unsanitary stagnant pool. A representation of the systemic issues Nascent works to address.

Sponsors | Partners

Our primary partners and sponsors are the USDA and USAID. We work with other international and local development organizations to build a thriving, sustainable African future.