Books on Bikes was conceived as a response to a socio-political crisis in the Northwest Cameroon that saw schools closed for 9 months in 2016.  To sustain children’s reading skills while schools remained closed, Nascent staff load books into boxes and ride bikes to remote villages to distribute books and conduct reading lessons.


In Cameroon, Nascent serves more than 21,000 children with Mobile Reading activities every month.  Reading assessments conducted among program participants show tremendous gains in children’s reading skills. Since 2004, Nascent has grown from serving a few families to currently serving more than 500, 000 households in 3 countries. Illiteracy is a crisis. Sub Saharan Africa is home to 30 million out of school children and 100 million illiterate women. Through Mobile Reading, Nascent plans to  reach 1 million households with reading activities by 2022.

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