Our Capabilities

NSI leadership thrives on integrity, our conviction and belief in what we are doing and the values that guide our thinking. This skill has strengthened our ability to persuade others to join us.  NSI sees effective communication not only as a process of informing others but in the ability to seek information and build consensus. NSI leadership believes that trust and respect engenders a positive team spirit, fosters the emergence of real partners.  NSI flexibility and adaptability enables us to incorporate multiple perspectives into our programming.

The complex and multiple levels of the development challenges we strive to address require holistic and multi-dimensional strategies and approaches. Collaborations with our partner agencies enhances synergies and eliminates duplication and waste. Thus, NSI invests effort and resources to build relationships with governments to create an enabling environment for its interventions and with institutions of higher learning to strengthen the technical capabilities of the organization and its partners.  Nascent works hand in hand with identified international as well as local faith based and community based organizations that share its vision.

NSI staff leverage their research, consulting and program development skills to write proposals and organize other fundraising activities that have generated over $30 million in cash and kind resources. These include ten US Government grants, one sub-award grants and donations from US foundations and charities. These resources have been complemented by in-kind materials and services contributed by local government’s agencies, and traditional leaders as well as technical services and skills labor donated by our partner organizations, volunteers and target communities.

Informed by constant reviews of contemporary development literature and best practices and targeted in-depth situational analysis, our technical and business staff  leverage their  diverse academic backgrounds and many years of field experiences. NSI technical staff develop and manage strategies, procedures and tools that ensure effective and efficient management of our programs and optimize outcomes. Our management model, ensures that the plans articulate clear and achievable goals and objectives, adequate definition of the target beneficiaries, a risks analysis and mitigation strategy, as well  strategies for managing stakeholders, performance, communication and governance.

Informed by in-depth learning needs analysis, our capacity building and training team develops user-friendly adult and children’s curriculum and materials that are scalable and adaptable to various delivery platforms including the traditional face-to-face instruction or technology supported learning, hands-on farmer field and cooking demonstrations. And building their resilience for future shocks.

NSI considers monitoring and evaluations as integral parts of our organizational development and instruments of quality control.  Our M & E team builds simple and ready to use tools and procedures into our programs and trains NSI and partner staff to use the tools for monitoring and collect program information.  The team develops systems that facilitate the use of M & E information to enhance implementation and inform decision-making.

NSI’s ability to influence change hinges on three cardinal factors:  our understanding and conviction about the change we are advocating for, the context and target audience, and effective messaging. Context includes, cultural factors, political and emotional readiness of the target audience.  We ensure effective messaging by paying close attention to cultural sensitivities and suitability, the choice medium of communication, and availability of feedback channels.