Community Book Clubs and E-reading Success

As part of the USDA’s McGovern/Dole program, a food for education and child nutrition initiative in Cameroon, Nascent launched E-Reading and Mobile Reading projects. E-Reading introduced e-readers in primary school to cascade their literacy learning options and success.  Mobile Reading brings books and literacy aids home with disadvantaged children. This program had an added critical value due to the disruption of schools after socio-political unrest spread across the region. It provided children a means to continue learning and shore up fundamentals which Nascent surveys showed were severely lacking. Thus, the program focused on improving literacy skills in school age children.

Libraries were set up in 92 village schools. Community Book Clubs were established, stocked with over 60,000 books. From these two assets parents could check out books or bring their children to Community Book Clubs to be tutored by their peers, or volunteers.