Nascent Solutions has 15 years of experience dealing with disease vector mitigation through sanitation, specifically handwashing. We have an extensive record of working with local communities, traditional and national institutions of governance to sensitize communities about the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Our critical Covid-19 strategy includes training more than 600 Community Health Workers to disseminate WHO best practices on social distancing, sanitization of surfaces, handwashing and mask wearing directly to families and in socially distanced workshops.


We are adapting all our ongoing programs to emphasize broad sensitization on the importance of  mask wearing and hand-washing as well as all other best-practices advised by the WHO to curtail communal transmission of the virus across all our programs and active communities. Please join our efforts by making a donation.

Our radio messages have reached over 550,000 listeners, in 10 languages.

Play the clips below, for examples of our radio messages in English and Chichewa

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