Literacy and Education

Every child deserves the right to a quality education regardless of where they live or their social or financial circumstances. Nascent’s education programs support children in schools and rural villages.

Promoting Literacy in Rural Schools and Villages


Nascent’s literacy program collaborates with families, communities and schools to ensure that children have access to reading materials to help them master their reading skills before the end of third grade.

Mobile Reading and Community Book Clubs  

Creating a reading culture in rural communities is Nascent’s priority. Each child and adult should have access a book they can read and by so doing, inspire local communities to take charge of their education. Nascent is dedicated to increasing access to books and other reading materials children and other adults can read and understand. Nascent is creating a reading culture through supporting rural village schools in Africa with mobile reading or community book clubs, reaching more than 18,000 children a month with community reading activities.

Strategic Partnerships with Local and International Partners

Nascent’s core values are anchored in building new and enhancing existing strategic partnerships to better meet the needs of the vulnerable populations we serve. Strategic partnerships with donors, various implementing agencies, governments, and local communities inform Nascent’s holistic and multi-dimensional programming in developing countries contexts. Nascent cultivates partnerships with corporations that share our vision of investing in the empowerment of the vulnerable populations.

Technology and E-Readers in the Classroom


E-readers have a great potential to excite young readers to want to read more. We are piloting an e-reader program in selected primary schools in the North West region of Cameroon to study its impact among young readers.

Supporting and empowering girls to overcome challenges that constrain their participation in education. 


In cognizance of the importance of girls’ education, Nascent’s programming takes into account the vulnerability of adolescent girls that hinder the ability to successfully complete school. Nascent utilizes incentives such as take home food rations to encourage girls’ education participation in primary schools. Nascent uses social behavior change strategies targeting parents to give more support to the girl child when it comes to education. Enrollment campaigns are channeled through local print media, national and local TV/Radio adverts. Nascent works with communities, local leaders and ministries of education to promote girls’ education participation.

Parents and Community Engagement 

Nascent engages families and communities to actively to support changes and improvements in education programming. Family and community support are an important factor when comparing students who do and do not attain grade level reading skills by the end of 3rd grade. Nascent seeks opportunities to support parents and communities help their children read. 

Training and Supporting Teachers on Effective Instructional Practices 

Through a USDA funded project, Advancing Literacy with Good Nutrition (ALIGN) over 1000 teachers in the Northwest of Cameroon received training on applying phonics in teaching reading and using ICT tools in the classroom.

Use of Innovation and Evidence to Scale up Programs 

Nascent strives to share information about effective, evidence-based practices, scaling up those practices, and disseminating lessons learned about how to effectively implement these practices at scale in resource scarce contexts in developing countries. Scaling up is often simply seen as increasing the numbers of students, teachers, schools or regions benefiting from an intervention. However, research suggests that scaling up comprises not just increased users, but also long-term changes in practices and beliefs, continuation of intervention effects after initial implementation (sustainability), and local ownership of the intervention to create lasting change.

Policy and Advocacy

Nascent is devoted to improve public policy that affects vulnerable populations that we serve. In advocating on behalf of the vulnerable children in education, Nascent examines policy issues and develops effective and appropriate responses to those issues and influences the local and national stakeholders.