Food For Education

USDA McGovern-Dole Program

The McGovern-Dole Program , a USDA-funded Food for Education and child nutrition ininiative, was launched in the summer of 2016 to provide meals, education incentives and aid to 52,000 school age children in Cameroon.

Program Objectives

School Meals/ Take home rations

Nascent is providing hot meals and take-home rations to 52,000 school age children in Bui Division to boost their health baseline and school attendance.

Handwashing stations

Nascent has constructed boreholes in 27 schools with handwashing stations, as well as bathrooms and kitchens in all 92 schools.

School Rehabilitation

Nascent is rehabilitating and constructing classrooms, kitchens and bathrooms in 92 schools to create a productive and clean learning environment.

Teacher Training

Nascent is providing teacher training in Literacy training and technology use training as well as piloting an e-reader program in 4 of the 92 project schools.

School Gardens

Nascent is establishing school gardens in all 92 schools. These gardens are tended by volunteers and PTA and supplemented by USDA donated food rations. Despite school disruptions as a result of social unrest parents have continued to tend the gardens.

Mobile Reading

Nascent has set up libraries in over three quarters of our project schools, stocked with 60,000 books. The Mobile Reading program allows children to keep learning and reading and checking out books, despite school disruptions.


All the project school communities have enthusiastically embraced the program. School gardens are thriving, maintained by PTAs and volunteers. The constructed boreholes are alleviating the water shortage in many communities and school age children are well fed (via Take Home Rations or school meals) and eager to learn either in school or in the Mobile Reading Program where schools have been disrupted by social unrest.