Food Security and Nutrition Stories

Nascent Launches Operations in Sierra Leone

In November 2018, a three-person team including Mr. Bernard Ndi, Nascent’s Country Director for Cameroon, Dr. Truphena Choti, Nascent’s Director of Education at HQ and Dr. Beatrice Wamey, Nascent’s President and CEO made their first trip to Sierra Leone. The entry into Sierra Leone marks Nascent’s expansion to more than five African sub-Saharan countries. The [...]

Bringing in the Harvest: School Gardens

Parents and Community gardeners have begun reaping the fruit of their labors, harvesting crops grown as part of the School Gardens component of the USDA funded McGovern-Dole Food for Education/ALIGN program. The harvest will bolster the nutrition of children in the 92 target schools and their the environs. Even though a political crisis has disrupted [...]

Engaging Communities In Children’s Nutrition

With the planting season just around the corner in March; parents and community members across Bui Division in Cameroon have been preparing and expanding school gardens for the coming growing season as part of the McGovern Dole Food For Education Program implemented by Nascent Solutions. 92 Participating schools and their PTA’s will receive training  from [...]

School Garden Harvest

Nascent Solutions’ programs seek to empower communities and help them acquire autonomy, through education and sustainability initiatives. The recent School Garden Harvest at IPS Njombo in Bui Division, Cameroon, is an affirmation of our bottom up approach to development. Parents and local community members gladly volunteer to to work and tend the gardens as part of [...]

NSI Staff Break Ground on School Gardens

NSI staff surveying 92 schools for the establishment of FFE/ALIGN school gardens in Bui Division broke ground in early April. Field agents led best-practices agriculture training for over 500 local women and men committed to volunteering time and labor to help their children receive hot meals in schools by tending community school gardens. Before the [...]

WFP & Nascent Partner for Refugees in Cameroon

The WFP and Nascent project to assist Central African Republic refugees and their hosts attain self-sufficient lives got underway in November 2013 in Cameroon’s eastern region, with early deliveries of implements for the development of pasture and farmland. The project covered pasture development via the removal of invasive grass species, beneficial tree and shrub planting [...]

Nascent Joins International Community in Drought Hit Region

The Office of the prime minister of Uganda has issued a food assistance request to Nascent Solutions in light of the extensive drought and food shortage in the east of the country, specifically Namutumba. International scientists and the UN World food program both agree that the current widespread drought conditions are in part the result [...]

Women’s Empowerment Project Launches in Zambia

USAID and Nascent Solutions successfully launched project WEAVE in Zambia’s Northern Province, with the goal of reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS, using a multi-sectoral approach. 18 months into implementation, WEAVE (Women Empowered to fight Aids and Violence Everywhere) is on track to meet or exceed the key project objectives of: Increasing the ability of 12000 HIV/AIDS [...]

Elizabeth Nakazwe’s Story of Microfinance Success Through WEAVE Program

Elizabeth Nakazwe is a member and literacy volunteer In Sampukeni women’s group in Mpepo. She is a widow and has 4 children. Before she joined the group the children used to report for school late as she depended on brewing beer to raise school fees. After joining the group Elizabeth learnt about voluntary savings and realized she could be [...]

Nascent Partners With World Food Program in Cameroon

Fleeing civil conflict, violence and persecution tens of thousands of refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR) have sought sanctuary in Cameroon’s East and Adamawa Provinces, since 2005. Numbering over 80,000, this massive influx has put a strain on the already meager resources of the regions assisting them, creating a grave resource crisis, particularly impacting [...]