Food Security and Nutrition

We prioritize community-based capacity building and behavior change in food security and nutrition, including the support of school feeding, community gardening, bulk food storage and preparation, and the promotion of dietary diversity. Our interventions target women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

Our efforts on food security and nutrition have led to sustained change in the communities we serve:

  • Training local communities in bulk safe food preparation and commodity management methods for daily school meals.
  • Enhancing a school-based nutrition curriculum to highlight nutrition practices for teachers, students, and parents.
  • Providing training in the use of improved farming and pastoral practices.
  • Strengthening the capacity of local governments to monitor nutrition outcomes by creating and supporting Nutrition Technical Working Groups.

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Our direct services in Africa, with the support of the United States Government, have allowed us to support local communities by:


1. Provision of 400,000 school meals. These investments in school feeding and nutrition are intended to boost student attendance and attentiveness, thereby increasing the literacy and overall educational performance of primary school children.

2. Training women on the production and marketing of improved seeds, the production and retail of vegetables, and large-scale harvesting, drying, packaging and marketing of caterpillars.

3. Supporting 92 school gardens aimed at teaching nutritional benefits of vegetable gardening.


Nascent has earned praise from local stakeholders, national governments, and international donors for its focus on gaining community buy-in and stakeholder engagement. Our reputation has earned us the name ‘the pharmacy’ in some communities for our ability to distribute food commodities and promote healthy nutrition practices, thereby reducing the number of hospital visits.