Health and Sanitation Stories

Helping HIV/AIDS Survivors Find Health & Independence

Christopher Mbaiyu is one of the beneficiaries of the International Food Relief Program in  Ngoketunjia Division sponsored by USAID, and implemented by Nascent in Cameroon. “After being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2012, life became a nightmare for me. Battling with the illness and facing poverty and hunger at the same time left me totally devastated, [...]

Transforming The Learning Environment In Cameroon

As part of the McGovern Dole Food for Education and child nutrition program implementation, our infrastructure teams have been constructing and rehabilitating classrooms, toilets, handwashing stations as well as digging and constructing boreholes to provide better sanitation options and clean drinking water to students who rank among the poorest in the world. In December 2016 [...]

Clean Water Project Underway

Dysentery and other diseases of unclean drinking water are the leading cause of death in children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The Water Project leg of the USDA Nascent Solutions’ MGD/ ALIGN  program is underway in Cameroon’s Bui Division. The Water Project seeks to install water wells, hand-washing stations and water tanks in up to 42 needy [...]

Ugandan Men: Family Planning

At a time rife with global warfare and conflict, many marginalized communities and people are forgotten. In seemingly peaceful, poor communities throughout Africa, vulnerable women, orphans and families are still ravaged by food insecurity and malnutrition. In rural communities ancient customs have not kept pace with modern challenges such as global warming. Throughout vast tracts [...]

Men support Maternal and Child Care in E. Uganda

With the support from the 2013 -2014 USAID International Food Relief Partnership grant, Nascent Solutions encourages men to assume equal responsibility in feeding and caring for the children, family and the sick. With the District Health Services, the Safe Motherhood Program (TSMP) and the Teso Widow’s Development Initiative (TEWIDI) Nascent trained 60 Volunteer Village Health Trainees [...]

Yavette Chikwanda Rehabilitates Her Malnourished Child

Yavette Chikwanda's son is 2 years 11 months old. He had severe malnutrition at the age of 2 years and weighed just 6 kgs. He was enrolled on PD Hearth by Naomi Mulenga,  a WEAVE Nutrition volunteer in Chakopo. Yavette was successfully rehabilitated and he now weighs 13kgs, he plays and he is very active. Yavette thanks Naomi for [...]