Health & Nutrition

Increasing numbers of children, especially in the remote parts of Africa, do not know what it is to be a child. They cannot afford a meal a day and do not have the privilege of seeing a doctor. A significant percentage of children under 5 years of age suffer from various diseases and malnutrition. These conditions are not just a result of limited availability and access to food, but also from unsanitary living conditions and poor hygiene practices.
The most vulnerable to food insecurity, under these circumstances, are the large numbers of children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. They do not have any formal social support structure to provide for them. And as a result many have to struggle daily to meet their food needs.
Nascent responds to these challenges in several ways by providing food assistance, and improving the services of health and medical professionals with donations of medical equipment and supplies. Nascent also believes that educating (The Nutrition curriculum in for primary schools in Cameroon) the target population on the basics of nutrition would enhance the impact of the services we provide.