Health and Sanitation

Good health and sanitation are the cornerstones of a successful and sustainable society. Nascent works in poor communities to build baseline foundations for health and sanitation with a focus on children and women.

Health Education


 Nascent educates children on the importance of sanitation (especially hand-washing) to maintaining good health, using rural schools as a doorway to effect broad social change.

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Disease Prevention


 As part of our implementation of the USDA’s Food for Education program in Cameroon, Nascent is constructing wells and handwashing stations in 27 schools, and bathrooms and kitchens in 92 others.

Health and Sanitation Interventions


Nascent has utilized nutrition interventions in Cameroon and Zambia, as well de-worming to mitigate the risks of drinking unclean water and bolster health. Our school gardens  initiatives further build physical resilience in children.

Our Results

The cumulative effect of our three pronged strategy is significant increases in community wide use of sanitary practices such as handwashing by children, the reduction of diseases caused by unclean water such as dysentery and improved health and vitality and attentiveness in school as a result of more robust physical systems in children.