Nascent Solutions was founded in September 2004 by Dr. Beatrice Wamey, a US citizen of Cameroonian origin. It is a humanitarian and development organization incorporated in the state of Virginia and a 501 (C) (3) organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service.
Dr. Wamey, founder and current president of Nascent Solutions ran the organization from her home in Fairfax Station, VA, from November 2004 till April 2008 when the organization moved to its current location at 85 South Bragg Street in Alexandria.
Haunted by the images of malnourished children, street children rumaging for food in the dumpsters in Yaoundé or Douala, 70-80 children crowding in a 45 capacity classroom, Beatrice signed up for classes at the Northern Virginia Women’s small business center. After the first few hours, she drafted a mission statement which would become Nascent Solutions.
The successes of the first year came, thanks to the support of the family, the commitment of the founder and the timely support of such early sponsors. The providential response from IMEC with a 40 foot container of medical equipment and another 40 ft container from Save My Starving Children. Financial assistance from the Church of Nativity in Burke, and Funded Transportation from the US Department of Defense  enabled the timely shipment of the food to orphans and their caregivers in the rural areas of the North West region of Cameroon, while the container of medical equipment and supplies improved the services of medial and health professionals assisting persons affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.
In March 2007, Nascent Solutions was registered as a Public Volunteer Organization (PVO) with the United States Agency for International Development. Nascent is currently registered with field offices in Cameroon, Uganda and Zambia. Nascent Solutions has received seven grant awards from the US Government and donations from foundations and individuals. In the last eight years, Nascent has implemented programs in food security and agriculture, health and nutrition, education and skills development and gender equality which have impacted the lives of over 100,000 beneficiaries.