Thank You!

For Supporting Cameroon’s

Victims of Sexual Violence: 





Thanks to the kindness of donors like you and our partner the USDA, we are bringing light and hope into the lives of girls and young women who have been victims of gender based violence in Cameroon’s conflict. With your donations we are taking on the challenge of returning these brave girls and young women to healthy, productive and meaningful lives. Thanks to your support we have organized community wide forums, to advocate for the safety of girls and women during conflict. In addition we have brought families, social leaders, elders and community members together to offer vocal support the the girl and women, victims and for their children, born as a result of the violence inflicted upon them. Our total received donations to this point of over $20,000 have helped us to directly provide these girls and women with: food assistance, baby essentials, domestic supplies and cash payments. However, the journey ahead remains long for them. May your generosity and your well wishes persist as we take this long walk with them into a brighter future. Once more… Thank You!!