Literacy and Education

The Future Unfolds in Books

Nascent recognizes the critical role education plays in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and their families. To that end we prioritize:

Supporting and Empowering Girls :

Nascent utilizes incentives such as take home food rations to encourage the participation of girls in education. We use social behavior change strategies to promote parental engagement in the education of girls. Enrollment campaigns are channeled via various local print media, national and local TV / Radio messages. Nascent also works with communities, local leaders and ministries of education to promote girls’ participation in education .

Promoting Literacy in Rural Schools and Communities :

Nascent’s literacy programs work with families, communities and schools to ensure that children have convenient access to reading materials that help them master requisite reading skills before the end of third grade.


Training and Supporting Teachers :

Teachers who have the skills to support literacy learning in children are vital to improving students’ learning outcomes. We support primary school teachers with professional development opportunities to enhance instructional skills.

Our Food Security & Nutrition Foci


Learning, nutrition union


Books, books, books


Creating a reading culture


Good teachers = great students

Our Sustainable Behavior Change  Model in Food Security and Nutrition Includes:

 Mobile Reading and Community Book Clubs: Transforming rural communities by creating a reading culture through Mobile Reading and Book Clubs.

 Parents and Community Engagement: Engaging families and communities to actively support changes and improvements in education programming. Our experience in rural Africa has shown that better learning outcomes are achieved when families and communities are empowered and engaged in the education of their children.

 Policy and Advocacy: Improving public policy that affects the vulnerable populations we serve. We examine policy issues, develop effective and appropriate responses, and actively engage the local, national and international stakeholders to influence change.

  Strategic Partnerships with local and International Partners: Nascent’s core values are anchored in building strategic partnerships, to better meet the needs of the populations we serve. Partnerships with donors, various implementing agencies, governments, and local communities inform our multi-dimensional programming.

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    Our direct services in Africa, with the support of the United States Government, have allowed us to support local communities by:

       Establishing more than 92 libraries and book  distributions centers


      Training more than 1000 teachers on phonics instructional approaches and the use of ICT tools in the classrooms.


    Training more than 8000 women in basic computing, community banking, microfinance allowing them to start and sustain small businesses


      Piloting mobile devices such as solar powered E-readers, loaded with 100 age appropriate titles for primary school children.