Monitoring & Evaluation System Software Developer

Position: Monitoring and Evaluation System Software Developer

Nascent Solutions is seeking a highly experienced firm to develop a web-based software system to enhance monitoring and evaluation (M&E) efforts as part of its humanitarian work in sub-Saharan Africa. Ease of use is more important than flexibility.

Requirements of the system:

  • Platform 

    o Designed specifically for monitoring and evaluation; not a generic CRMo Web-based on Chrome or Firefox
    o Ability to operate in low-bandwidth, unreliable internet environments and protect data from corruption
    due to poor internet connectivity
    o Ability to assign different levels of user access
    o Adequate security protocols during data transfer and storage
    o Can be configured and revised mostly without a developer

  • Capacity

    o At least 15 simultaneous users (all user roles combined)
    o Tens of thousands of records across multiple databases
    o Scalable to new indicators, projects, donors, and countries

  • Functionality

    o Built around hierarchical results frameworks
    o Ability to create complex indicators that can be aggregated in various ways
    o Ability to create data collection instruments with complex data validation rules
    o Ability to collect individual, case-based quantitative and qualitative data in various formats (numbers,
    integers, dates, times, percentages, decimals, text strings, etc.)
    o Ability to input data offline using Android mobile devices (Google Nexus 7 tablet), then upload via
    mobile connection and wifi
    o Ability to input data directly using web browser
    o Web-based data storage
    o Ability to relate different databases within the browser
    o Ability to import and export common database file formats
    o Moderately flexible data visualization and analytics – histograms, line graphs, GIS, pivot tables, etc.,
    exportable to PDF and Excel
    o Moderately flexible automatic report generation, exportable to PDF and Excel
    o Moderately flexible dashboards

  • Support

    o System software should be thoroughly updated at least quarterly
    o Training tailored to different user levels
    o Comprehensive user documentation

  • Track record

    o In use for 2+ years among organizations similar to Nascent Solutions

Qualified professionals are invited to submit their application by latest January 8, 2016 to bwamey@nascents.org