Our Crisis Action

Nascent  is training Community Health Workers in Cameroon and has worked with them to translate  and disseminate WHO approved COVID-19 prevention messages to local languages. Our teams are regularly broadcasting radio messages and posting guideline placards in under-served  communities. in their native languages: Fulfulde in the North, Fulfulde and Maka in the Adamaoua, Maka in the East, Lamnso, Oku, Kom, Mbessa, Noni and pidgin English in the North West. Nascent  has already an estimated 100,000 people (men, women, youth and children) through daily broadcasts on 8 community radio stations, and also ensured intensified door to door sensitization by the same trained Community Health Workers.

In addition to our Covid response our teams and Community Health Workers continue to distribute nutritional supplements  and Take Home Rations for children 6-24 months, and pregnant and lactating women who are moderately malnourished- in the Adamawa and North regions. Nascent-trained Community Health Workers further provide free guidance on the best ways to combine locally available foods with received assistance for the best nutrition outcomes for mother and child health.

Our interventions in the Covid19 crisis have been supported by the USDA McGovern-Dole Food For Education and Child Nutrition program and the American people.

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