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We build capacity for the poor in rural Africa

[paragraph extra=””]Nascent Solutions promotes independence and sustainable development, especially among women and youth; working closely with vulnerable communities to craft durable solutions.  Our Focus:[/paragraph]

Our Work

We empower individuals  and communities with simple sustainable solutions.  To date Nascent Solutions is registered and runs operations in Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda and Cameroon.

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Compost Toilets.


Improper disposal of human waste is a  leading cause of water-borne diseases in tropical Africa. Without working sewage systems or septic pumping systems, many communities rely on unsanitary pit toilets, often dug down to the highwater level, directly contaminating drinking sources. Nascent is exploring compost toilet models, for introduction in Cameroon in keeping with our sustainable development goals.

A Cleaner.

Most pit-toilets currently in use are poorly constructed, poorly ventilated, chronically odorous and chronically unclean. Compost toilets offer an easily cleaned and maintained alternative.

More Sanitary.

Less labor intensive in construction, compost toilets are a dignified sanitation option for many of our low resourced beneficiary communities, including refugees and the rural poor.


Requiring no water, presenting no risk of pollution to groundwater sources. Compost toilets give rural communities a chance to lead the world into a sustainable future.

Our Team

Nascent Solutions is based in Alexandria Virginia. We are staffed by a diverse team with broad professional experience in Humanitarian Intervention, International Development and Capacity Building. While the large majority of our operations are driven by volunteers and field workers, without whom we could not do the work we do, our core team of experts guides and manages our operations. 
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Transparency is the key to working in challenging environments.

We limit our operating costs by relying heavily on the assistance of volunteers and members of the communities we serve. Our goal is to implement low input projects that cascade in output effects in our target communities.
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A Global Effort

With the support of committed sponsors and partners, we are making a lasting impact.


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