Our Partners

Our Partners

​Nascent Solutions believes in a cooperative vision as crucial to enacting social change and welfare.

We seek to form partnerships, with educational, scientific and environmental institutions that accept the responsibility to participate in utilizing their expertise to empower and improve the lives and welfare of fellow humans, in cost effective and sustainable ways.
To this end we are fortunate to have formed working partnerships, with the following  exemplary  and dedicated educational, social-welfare, religious, charitable and non-profit organizations and institutions:

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Teso Widows’ Development Initiative
Women’s Empowerment Institute of Cameroon
The Federation of Catholic Youth
The Federation of Catholic Youth, with office at John Paul II Youth Centre is an organization that covers all the youth associations and movements in the Diocese of Kumbo. It is the body that conceives plans and executes all youth programs in the diocese at diocesan level. It organizes meetings, training activities and formation for all the agents of youth ministry in the parishes as well as youth leaders and young people in general. The training sessions are sometimes organized for these agents in their different groups, for example, a seminar for members of the Sub-Commission for Youth Apostolate, training for Parish youth Workers etc. Other training events target all of them as a group, for example, a meeting of Youth Chaplains, Advisers, Members of the Commission for Youth Apostolate, Parish Youth Workers and Junior Youth Animators. These sessions are organized both at parish and diocesan levels.
Kilum Strategy Development Group
Kilum Strategy Development Group (KISDEG) is a legalized rural community-based association and apolitical organization based in Oku.
KISDEG is the initiative of some ingenious people of the Kilum area who design programs that enhance peaceful cohabitation, co-operation amongst the different ethnic groups.