USAID International Food Relief Program Cameroon

The International Food Relief Program implemented in Cameroon by Nascent  seeks to provide food relief and pathways to a sustainable life in agriculture for more than 2,000 households living in the food crisis afflicted region of Ngoketunjia.


Gardening Training


Nascent is providing gardening training to the poorest residents of Ngokentunja on best sustainable farming practices and crop diversification.

Starter Seed Provision


Nascent is providing seeds of high yield and nutrient rich crops to help local households attain a sustainable living, farming for sustenance and for market.

HIV Support Groups


Over 1200 of our beneficiaries in Ngohketunjia are living with HIV. Nascent helps set up and coordinate support groups and social reintegration activities with local community leaders to erase negative stigmas.



Christopher Mbaiyu alongside some 1200 PLWHIV (People Living With HIV) received training on gardening, nutrition and seeds to start up their individual/family gardens. His words best summarize the goals and the effects of the program. “Thanks to the gardening training and seeds i received, which enabled me to diversify my crop production, I am able to make at least 15,000 FCFA from my garden harvest every month. I hope to expand my cultivation in the future.” Christopher also joined a People Living With Aids group which is coordinated as part of the program. “This community has helped him cope and find purpose despite persisting social stigma.”