• Inclusion for ownership building and sustainability
  • Respect builds self-esteem
  • Transparency trust and confidence
  • Accountability optimizes outcomes

Mission Statement
Nascent Solutions is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of the vulnerable in rural Africa to achieve self‐sufficiency.   The disabled persons, orphans, former child-soldiers, single mothers, widows, and many other vulnerable people, understand, more than anyone else, the challenges they face. Thus, we work closely with them to develop interventions geared towards translating their knowledge and resources into simple but durable solutions.  We empower them to assume more responsibility for and leadership in ensuring their wellbeing and restoring their God-given dignity.
What sets Us Apart?
Nascent recognizes that change happens when target beneficiaries appreciate the relative advantage of what can be over what is. Then they can assume the quality of leadership necessary to sustain positive change.  It is from this premise that we seek  invisible talent among women and youth in rural areas and translate their latency into the development effort.