Zambia’s economy has experienced strong growth in recent years, with real GDP growth in 2005-08 about 6% per year. Privatization of government-owned copper mines in the 1990s relieved the government from covering mammoth losses generated by the industry and greatly improved the chances for copper mining to return to profitability and spur economic growth. Poverty remains a significant problem in the country, despite a stronger economy.

Almost two-thirds of Zambia’s population live below the international poverty line – that is, around 7.5 million people. Rates of death and ill health as a result of HIV/AIDS are high, despite a rapid roll-out of treatment, as is the rate of maternal mortality. However, according to the UK Department for International Development, overall poverty levels have improved, with significant gains in urban areas, enrolment rates for primary education are rising, literacy is increasing, immunization coverage is more widespread and child death rates are falling.

There are vast disparities in living conditions between Zambia’s rural and urban habitants. For example, whilst 64 percent of the urban population have access to safe water, only 27 percent of the rural population are so fortunate. Moreover, 46 percent of the urban population lives below the poverty line compared to a massive 88 percent in rural areas.

Our goal in Zambia, as in all our other areas of operations, is to provided impoverished African women and youth, particularly in the rural areas, with the tools and skills to attain economic self sufficiency. This has meant using innovative approaches, which sometimes defy conventional wisdom by designing programs that are based on the traditional knowledge and ingenuity of our beneficiaries. An example is our very popular village credit and loan scheme in the Mpika district, which is based on an age-old African system of rotating credit among peer groups.

Our programs in Zambia are aimed at:

* Building capacity for women in agriculture
* Promoting agri-business
* Promoting gender equity
* Protecting the environment

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